I welcome you to my website!

My name is Harutyun Grigoryan, I am a lawyer, scientist and politician. I was born in capital of Armenia, Yerevan. I graduated from Russian Pushkin school and Law Faculty of Yerevan State University, after that I joined the staff of the President of the Artsakh Republic and worked as a lawyer, analyzed claims and petitions of citizens, inquired the documentation and submitted to the chief executive.

In 2008 I graduated as Master of Laws from Cologne University in Germany, specialized on public international law.

My professional activities are political and legal work at the international level; I support charity and educational initiatives and collaborate with political and non-governmental organizations.

My daily work also includes provision of legal information and legal support to citizens regarding Armenian and Artsakh law, legal advice on visa, passport and other administrative matters.

My advice helps individuals and organizations to save a large amount of resources: time, nerves and finances, to obtain complete desired information and result in the shortest possible time frame.